Mok Bar

From its history and social customs to its language, geography, and arts, Mok Bar seeks to offer guests an understanding and appreciation of Korean foods.

Esther Choi


Chef Esther Choi, owner and founder of New York City’s mŏkbar and partner of Ms. Yoo, is an influential female chef driven by her Korean roots. Chef Esther’s cooking combines traditional and modern influences with fresh, seasonal ingredients.

Chef Esther received formal training at New York’s institute of culinary education and has worked across the kitchens of ilili, La Esquina, and the Food Network. Since the 2014 opening of her first venture, in Chelsea Market, Esther has been hailed as “New Rising Chef” by Food Republic and in 2015 was named a “Zagat 30 under 30” NYC Culinary Rockstar. From 2018 to 2019, Choi hosted Eater’s “The Kitchen Gadget Test Show.” Currently the host of Get Down with K-Town, a podcast about Korean-American culture, which features Roy Choi, Judy Joo, Charlotte Cho, Dumbfoundead and more.

Inspired by the old-aged techniques of her Korean grandmother’s cooking, Chef Esther believes that food is the ultimate expression of a country’s culture.